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Red Pitch Production 2024

Shaping vital narratives regarding gentrification and young people's mental health

In 2024, I had the privilege of contributing to the powerful production "Red Pitch", premiering at the West End @sohoplace theatre.

In this meaningful project, I played a pivotal role in writing the program content to explain complex systemic issues to a wide audience. Recruited as an EDI Mental Health Specialist by Nimax Theatres, I was tasked to provide progressive insights into issues of gentrification, the young Black British experience, and the importance of media exploring these topics.

Drawing from the experience of writer Tyrell Williams, director Daniel Bailey, and the cast, I crafted content that delved into the complexities of these struggles.

This involvement allowed me to contribute to the impact of this groundbreaking theatrical exploration while furthering the conversation on vital issues surrounding gentrification and young people's mental health.


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